C02 insert forCGS/ UGS IN STOCK NOW

C02 insert forCGS/ UGS IN STOCK NOW

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CGS/UGS 12g C02 insert for gel blaster 


POLARSTAR CO2 inserts are manufactured for both the UGS and CGS stocks and have models for both the 12g and 33g disposable CO2 cartridges in either variant. However, the inserts have more uses than just being paired with one of these stocks. Since they are equipped with the same standard ASA threads that are on a HPA tank, they can also be threaded into a conventional regulator to make an extremely compact air rig.

The only difference between the UGS and CGS inserts is the diameter of the tube. The CGS inserts are narrower since they are designed to fit inside of a CGS's Milspec buffer tube while the UGS inserts are made to the same diameter as a Milspec buffer tube. This means by changing out the stock's rail you are able to reconfigure your UGS from running the standard 13/3000 HPA tank to a low profile, Milspec buffer tube sized cylinder so you can use Milspec AR buttstocks.

Now, it is commonly known that you should not use CO2 to power an HPA engine since if liquid CO2 gets down-stream of the regulator it can cause a spike in pressure which is unsafe and can damage the sensitive components of the engine. So how is it that we're making something like this? Our CO2 inserts are specifically designed to allow you to safety run your HPA engine off of CO2. These inserts feature an integral expansion chamber, anti-siphon system, 5 micron filter and check valve to prevent liquid CO2 from entering the regulator regardless of the rifle's or air rig's orientation. As an added benefit, the internal check valve also prevents gases from escaping the expansion chamber while switching out cartridges so as to conserve as much CO2 as possible when performing a "combat reload" and allowing several full-power shots even while when the CO2 cartridge has been removed. 

The 33g models accept threaded CO2 cartridges that are commonly used for inflating life vests while the 12g models use the standard 12g cartridges commonly used for GEL BLASTERS . The 33g cartridges are simply screwed into the receptacle at the bottom of the insert's bore which pierces the seal to release the CO2. The 12g cartridges are pushed down into the pierce pin using a uniquely designed end cap equipped with a multi-start thread. The multi-start thread consists of four intertwined threads running parallel to one another. Intertwining threads allow the lead distance of a thread to be increased (in this case, an increase of 4X) without changing its pitch. In layman's terms this means it has the strength of a slower thread without sacrificing speed. The cap only needs to be turned 270 degrees (3/4 rotation) from first thread engagement to the point that it pierces the cartridge and seals making changing cartridges an extremely fast and reliable process.

  • For use with UGS or CGS stocks as well as most common HPA regulators/air rigs which are able to accept 900psi.
  • All inserts equipped with expansion chamber, anti-siphon system, 5 micron filter and check valve.
  • UGS requires addition of Milspec Rail (sold separately) before inserts can be used.
  • Standard ASA threads on all inserts allowing use with standard HPA regulators/air rigs.

  • 33g models accept threaded CO2 cartridges (p/n 10000332) while the 12g models use the standard 12g cartridges commonly used for GEL BLASTERS 
  • Insert cannot be pressurized before installation into stock/regulator.
  • CO2 Cartridges Not Included.